Pot Distilled Gin

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Limited presents Gin 'Recipe #1 - Pot Distilled'!

For this release, we have utilized one of the earliest Gin production styles - pot distilling. Our secret combination of botanicals was placed in the pot for steeping prior to distillation. Once the perfect amount of steeping was completed, the botanicals were distilled directly in the pot. 

Bright notes of sweet citrus zest, baking spice, pine-like juniper with just enough coriander to be well balanced with some bold complexities. Our pot-distilled Gin is smooth and rich, perfect for sipping, or mixed (shaken or stirred) with your favorite cocktail. 

Base Spirit: Neutral
Proof: 86 / 43% Alc./Vol. 
Vol. 375 mL
Production Date: June 2020

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