Drinks Cupboard


~ Cocktails ~

  • Cocktail Tasting Flight ($15) 
    A cocktail tasting flight featuring 3 mini versions of our cocktails of the week. As your server for this weeks features.
  • Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned ($15) 
    Limited Corn Moonshine, house-made pumpkin spiced syrup, a dash of house-made orange liquor stirred down and served in a rocks glass.
  • Apple Pie Mule ($15) 
    Limited Apple Pie Moonshine, house-made ginger-beer syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice topped with soda water. Crushed ice garnished with lime wheel or wedge served in a real copper mug.
  • Peach Iced Tea ($14) 
    Limited Peach Moonshine, house-made sweet iced tea served over ice in a highball. 
  • Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita ($15) 
    Limited Jalapeno Moonshine, house-made strawberry simple syrup, fresh lime, salt rim served on the rocks. 
  • Honey Vodka Lemonade ($14) 
    Limited Vodka mixed with our secret lemonade house recipe sweetened with honey.
  • Mojito ($14) 
    Limited Rum, muddled mint from the distillery garden, house simple syrup, topped with soda. 

~ Snacks~

  • Jumbo Pretzel & Mustard (One $9  | Two $17)
    A warmed Jumbo Pretzel served with both a house-made spicy mustard  and a maple mustard dip. 
  • Cheese & Charcuterie Board
    Includes two types of gourmet cheese, a selection of cured meats and an array of pickles, jam, fruit olives, crackers and bakery fresh bread.
    (Serves 2-4) $35
    (Serves 5-8) $75
  • Cheese & Crackers    ($14)
    Artisanal cheese paired with a seasonal jam or jelly, served with crackers. 
  • King's Hawaiian Sweet Roll Sliders (Two $9 | Four $17)
    Thinly sliced ham, swiss cheese, tiki mustard, served on a toasted, butter and sesame coated King's Hawaiian Sweet Roll.
  • P.E.I Mussels & Baguette ($16)
    Scout’s P.E.I. hand shucked mussels in a smoked paprika and fennel tomato sauce. Served alongside a fresh, locally baked baguette.
  • Lox and Cheese Board
    Includes smoked salmon, dill cream cheese, capers, a selection of cured meats and artisanal cheese, an array of pickles, jam, nuts, olives, crackers and bread.
    (Serves 2-4) $35
    (Serves 5-8) $75

To Drink

🍸 Available To Go!

~ Classics ~

  • Espresso Martini ($16) 
    Limited Vodka, Caffitaly Premium Espresso brewed fresh daily and Simple Syrup. Garnished with Espresso beans.
  • Gimlet ($14) 
    Limited Gin, freshly squeezed lime juice and house made simple syrup.
  • Amaro Soda ($12) 
    Limited Amaro topped with soda served on ice in a highball garnished with grapefruit.
  • Gin & Tonic ($12) 
    Limited Gin, Fever Tree Tonic Water and Lime Garnish.
  • Vodka Soda ($11) 
    Limited Vodka, Soda and lemon or lime Garnish of your choice.
  • Hickory Smoked Old Fashioned ($16) 
    Limited White Rye, Limited Corn Moonshine, Angostura and Orange bitters,  simple syrup, served in a hickory smoked rocks glass.  

~ Caesars  ~

  • Jalapeño Moonshine Caesar ($15) 
    Limited Jalapeño Moonshine, Walters Caesar Mix, Pickled Garnish, & Mixed the way you like it!  
  • Classic Caesar ($15) 
    Limited Vodka, Walters Caesar Mix, Worcestershire, in-house made hot sauce, Pickled Garnish & Mixed the way you like it! Choose from Classic or Spicy! 
  • Vegan Caesar ($15)
    Choose from Limited Jalapeño Moonshine or Limited Vodka, Walter's Vegan Caesar Mix and a vegan garnish. 

Hey You, Enjoying that glass?

Buy Your Glass for a Killer Deal!
We pride ourselves on choosing the best glassware for your cocktail. If you like you can keep it for a nominal fee - $5 for glass, Excludes the Nick and Norah and the Moscow Mule Mugs!

Want Your Cocktail to Go?

Ask Your Server For our TO GO COCKTAIL KITS!
If you see a 🍸 emoji that means your cocktail is available in a take home cocktail kits. Our to-go cocktail kits can be purchased inside at our retail shop, or ask your server and they will be able to assist you!

~ Signature ~

  • The Limited ($13)
    Our signature concoction combining two of our spirits - The Jalapeño & Peach Moonshine. This is where sweet and spice fans unite. 
  • Applejack Sazerac    ($15)
    Limited Apple Pie Moonshine, Kvas Northern. Maple Old Fashioned, and garnished with an apple slice.
  • Gin or Rye Sour ($13) 
    Limited Gin, Kvas Sour Syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice and dehydrated lemon wheel. Vegan! 
  • Plum Gin & Tonic   ($13)
    Limited Plum Gin, Fever Tree Tonic Water, Dash of Fresh Lime Juice and Fresh Lime Garnish.
  • Classic or Jalapeno Moscow Mule ($15)
    Choose from Limited Jalapeño Moonshine or Limited Vodka, Ginger simple syrup, lime, topped with soda and served in a served in a real copper mug.

~ Virgin Drinks ~

  • Mojito  $11.00
    Fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh distillery grown mint muddled with simple syrup topped with soda water. 
  • Housemade Lemonade  $11.00
    Fresh squeezed lemon juice, sweetened with a ginger honey syrup. 
  • Espresso Martini  $11.00
    Caffitaly Premium Espresso brewed fresh daily and Simple Syrup. Garnished with Espresso beans.
  • Partake Pale Ale Non Alc Beer    $5.00
    A delicate balance between light bitterness and a touch of malty sweetness, this deep amber brew boasts crisp, citrus-y notes. Flavours of Orange zest, fresh grapefruit 
and a whisper of pine. 22 IBU and only 10 Calories and Vegan friendly!
  • Partake IPA Non Alc Beer    $5.00
    Our signature IPA is a balance of light, malty and hoppy fun. Notes of grapefruit, sweet florals and honey. 53 IBU and only 10 Calories and Vegan friendly!

Tasting Flights

Pick 3 Spirits      $6          Pick 5 Spirits     $9

  • Limited Vodka (Gold Medal)                                                 $34.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Jalapeño Moonshine (Silver Medal)                     $39.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Gin (Silver Medal)                                                      $39.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Corn Moonshine (Sour Mashed)                            $46.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Peach Moonshine                                                      $47.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Rum                                                                              $47.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Amaro                                                                          $38.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Rye Moonshine                                                           $46.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Apple Pie Moonshine                                                 $47.95 (750 mL)
  • Limited Plum Gin                                                                       $47.95 (750 mL)
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