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Applejack Sazerac Cocktail Kit

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Limited Distilling presents the Applejack Sazerac Cocktail Kit! 

The Sazerac, a close cousin to the Old Fashioned, has been around since 1838! We have spiced this classic drink in a wintry fashion by utilizing our barrel aged "Apple Pie Moonshine" and combining it with Kvas's Northern Maple Old Fashioned syrup.


  • Limited Apple Pie Moonshine (375 mL)
  • Kvas Northern Maple Old Fashioned
  • Dehydrated Apple Chips
  • Recipe Card & Gift Box


  • Limited Distillery Rocks Glass
  • Upgrade to a 750 mL Bottle (+ $20.00)

Limited Apple Pie Moonshine

Freshly baked apples, cinnamon, buttery vanilla, pie crust, and just a touch of baking spice all balance across this deliciously flavored craft spirit. Our barley moonshine base was aged for 1 year in medium charred re-coopered red wine barrels which give the real flavor of smoke, toffee, and earthiness to the spirit. Blended with fresh-pressed Niagara apple cider. This is the real deal. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a hot or cold cocktail.Base Spirit: Barrel Aged MoonshineProof: 50.4 / 25.2% Alc./Vol.Vol. 750 mLProduction Date: October 2021

Kvas Northern Maple Old Fashioned


This Northern Maple Old Fashioned Simple Syrup blends some of the most premium Niagara maple syrup, with spices and real hickory to give you a truly locally driven simple syrup, that will create the bartender-worthy old fashioned you deserve!

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Our cocktail kits take the hard work out and make crafting cocktails a simple, enjoyable experience.

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