Plum Gin (750 mL)

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Our first ever flavored gin has all the right notes of fresh lime citrus followed by a sweet juniper aroma accompanied by hints of baking spice and vanilla. Inspired by our beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake home, this gin is magic. Crafted from fresh Niagara-on-the-Lake Italian plums, this gentle sipper or cocktail sidekick will take the classic Gin and Tonic and Gin Martini to the next level. Accompany with salty or mineral tonics to bring out plum perfection in your next cocktail experience.

Cocktail Ideas: Plum Gin & Tonic, Plum Gin Sour, French 75 with Plum Gin

Proof: 60.8 / 30.4% Alc./Vol. 
750 mL
Total Bottles Created: 
Production Date: 
August 2021

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