Smooth Moscow Mule Mug

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The original, smooth Moscow Mule mug is a staple for any barware collection. The glossy, smooth aesthetic and rustic essence of copper with a welded brass handle represents true elegance and artisanry. The mugs are lined with a food-grade lacquer to prevent tarnishing and leakage, and are made without any copper plating.

The cooling sensation of sipping from our handcrafted copper mugs is an experience in itself, whether enjoyed among friends at happy hour or camping by the fire. These mugs are surely a must-have for your own at-home bar, but they also make excellent gifts for the cocktail lovers in your life, from birthdays, anniversaries, registries and more.

Our smooth copper mugs are also perfect for custom engravings; a perfect solution for bars and restaurants, or just to make your mark on your beautiful set of copper mugs. Engraving comes in a variety of styles, font types and even engraved imaging. Memorialize the moments you love most with custom engravings on your set of copper mugs.

Low-Maintenance Upkeep
Each of our copper products require a few simple steps after use to maintain their quality. Copper should be cleaned using a mild dish soap and warm water, followed by two drying sessions using a soft cloth.

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