Sour Mash Moonshine - Recipe #1 (Corn)

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"Test Batch" Sour Mash Moonshine - Recipe #1 (Corn)

Our sour mash moonshines are produced by making multiple batches (generations) that each use contents from the previous batch. Our Batch #2 "Test Batch" first generation was made using a combination of corn and cane sugar along with complimenting yeast. The following generations (7 total) were created using a portion of the leftover yeast and corn mixture, backset from the previous stripping run and fresh cane sugar. Generation 1 - 3 utilized additions of yeast whereas the remainder of the batches began and maintained full fermentation with the yeast remaining from previous batches. 

Batch: #2
Proof: 90 / 45% Alc./Vol. 
Vol. 375 mL
Total Bottles Created: 525
Production Date: June 2018


  • Corn
  • Cane Sugar
  • Yeast

Production Notes

  • Sour mash fermented over seven generations
  • Each batch was open fermented for 3-5 days
  • Batch distilled on our 26 gallon recipe still using the copper pot still head
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