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Every month, we handpick a featured band or genre, meticulously craft a selection of cocktails, pair them with delectable artist-inspired culinary delights, and indulge in the immersive experience of listening to entire albums on vinyl. Don your cherished bands' merch, savour a well-crafted cocktail, converse with fellow enthusiasts, and relish vinyl's rich, authentic sound. It's a unique celebration where music, cocktails, gastronomy, and camaraderie converge for an unforgettable sensory journey.

Sunday May 5th - Taylor Swift
Sunday June 2nd - TBD
Sunday July 7th - TBD
August - TBD
September - TBD
October - TBD
November - TBD
December - TBD

Past Artists:

Sunday March 3rd - Pearl Jam
Sunday April 7th - Queen

May 5th - Taylor Swift

~ Cocktails ~

  • Seven Peach Iced Tea    ($14)
    This exquisite blend features Limited Peach Moonshine paired with a refreshing house-made iced tea, capturing the essence of carefree afternoons and nostalgic reverie. Served over ice, "Seven" offers a delicate balance of sweet peach flavors and soothing tea notes, reminiscent of the tender lyrics in Swift's ballads. 
  • Afterglow Pink Glitter Lemonade  ($13)
    A radiant homage to Taylor Swift's vibrant energy. This dazzling blend features Limited Vodka, house-made pink glitter  lemonade, topped with blue ice for a mesmerizing visual appeal and garnished with a whimsical swirl of cotton candy. Symbolizing reconciliation and renewed love, "Afterglow" embodies the euphoria of love's renewal and the hopeful message Swift conveys through her lyrics.
  • Bad Blood Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita  ($13)
    A drink that embodies resilience and empowerment in the face of disloyalty. Crafted with Limited Jalapeno Moonshine, this concoction packs a punch, balanced by the sweetness of house-made strawberry simple syrup and the tang of fresh-squeezed lime juice. Each sip ignites the senses, mirroring the intensity and passion of Swift's lyrics, which delve into themes of betrayal by a close friend. 
  • Lavender Haze Tonic ($13)
    A captivating cocktail inspired by Taylor Swift's romantic ballads. Crafted with Limited Vodka and Kvas Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup, it's topped with tonic and adorned with luscious blueberries. Each sip evokes the euphoria of being in love, shielding you from negativity and cherishing every moment on cloud nine.
  • Hey Stephen ($13)
    Introducing "Hey Stephen," a charming cocktail named after Taylor Swift's sweet serenade. Crafted with a blend of Limited Corn Moonshine and Limited Peach Moonshine, it's harmonized with Kvas Sour Mix for a delightful tang. Topped with ginger ale for a refreshing fizz, every sip captures the playful essence of the song. As an added touch, our bartender for this event is none other than Stephen, ensuring every "Hey Stephen" served is infused with care and expertise.

~ Mocktails ~

  • Florida Creamsicle  ($8)
    Embrace the sunshine with this lively blend of 2 oz Cream Soda and refreshing Orange Juice, served over ice and garnished with a fresh orange wedge. Transport yourself to the vibrant atmosphere of the sunshine state as you sip on this delightful concoction, perfectly capturing Taylor Swift's exuberant spirit and the carefree essence of Florida.
  • Innocent Lemonade  ($8)
    A captivating mocktail featuring Virgin Lemonade topped with Blue Ice, transforming it into a charming purple hue reminiscent of Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" album. Served in a Mason Jar and garnished with a lemon slice, every sip encapsulates the charm and purity of Taylor Swift's iconic song.
  • Hoax Peach Iced Tea ($8)
    This exquisite blend features a refreshing house-made peach iced tea, capturing the essence of warm summer days and heartfelt emotions. Served over ice, "Hoax" offers a delicate balance of sweet peach flavors and soothing tea notes, reminiscent of the tender lyrics in Swift's ballads.

~ Food ~

Brie are Never Getting Back Together  $13
Savor the creamy texture of sliced brie paired with ripe tomatoes, nestled on toasted sourdough bread. Each bite is complemented by a delicate balsamic drizzle, adding a hint of sweetness to the savory ensemble. Enjoy this flavorful creation while relishing in Swift's wit and charm, perfectly encapsulated in every delectable bite. 

Cruel Summer Roll   $15
Dive into this tantalizing strawberry spinach wrap, bursting with freshness and flavor, enhanced by a drizzle of strawberry balsamic dressing. Choose between the vegetarian option, featuring creamy feta cheese, or the vegan alternative, enriched with creamy avocado. Embrace the essence of summertime bliss with every delightful bite of this savory sensation, perfectly capturing Swift's signature blend of sweetness and depth. Served with a side of chips. 

Anti-Hero Sandwich  $16
A bold creation inspired by Taylor Swift's introspective journey. This Italian sub boasts a duo of savory Italian cold cuts, complemented by housemade muffaletta mayo for a burst of flavor. Topped with crisp lettuce all nestled on a half baguette, it's served with a side of chips for a satisfying crunch. Indulge in this hearty sandwich as you reflect on Swift's emotional depth and resilience, embodying the complexities of self-acceptance and inner strength.

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Wings  ($16 Per Person)
A savory symphony inspired by Taylor Swift's favorite flavors. Indulge in crispy Nashville hot chicken bites paired with fluffy biscuits and rich sausage gravy, embodying the essence of comfort food. Accompanied by a side of housemade seemingly ranch dressing, this dish incorporates all of Swift's beloved tastes into one irresistible ensemble.

I Did Something Bad  
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